Atlanta and Dekalb Come to Terms on Emory Annexation

After some intense, yet fruitful, negotiations, the City of Atlanta and Dekalb County have come to terms on the stalled annexation of the Emory annexation effort. At their September 26th meeting, The Dekalb County Commission voted 5-0 to approve a settlement that satisfied the County’s objections to the annexation.

This agreement green lights approximately 744 acres moving into the City of Atlanta. The acquisition will include Emory University, the CDC and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The Atlanta City Council is expected to swiftly take this matter up and approve the largest annexation since incorporating Buckhead in the 19050’s.

Atlanta has agreed to pay Dekalb County $10 million over the next 10 years for fire service. The City has also agreed to maintain Dekalb’s zoning ordinances as well as have public meetings on any transportation changes.  It is anticipated that the Clifton Corridor Marta Project will move to the top of Marta's priority list.

The Atlanta REALTORS Association’s Government Affairs Committee and staff followed this process closely to monitor the effect this annexation has on private property rights and local transportation initiatives.  Mary Beth Lake & Associates is a proud member of the Atlanta REALTORS Association's Government Affairs Committee.  It is through work such as this, the power of the REALTOR Association is felt at the local level.