Why is the Realtor Political Action Committee Important?

With Midterms over, we want to share some information on a committee that Lake and Associates has strong ties with.

What is RPAC? The Realtors Political Action Committee is a collective voice of Realtors speaking on behalf of clients and the community. With over one million members nation wide, RPAC has a proud history of being one of the most powerful advocacy organizations in America by supporting candidates that understand Private Property Rights issues. Throughout its 46-year history, RPAC has taken an organic approach of leadership by leveraging the National Association of Realtors to help support our neighbors in property ownership.

 RPAC fights to protect both clients and Realtors from potential unjust policies. For example, a few years ago, a policy was put fourth to allow a sales tax on real estate transactions. This would have resulted in skyrocketing home prices, a decline in seller returns, and a financial hit on both property owners and Realtors. Because of RPAC’s ability to rebut this policy from taking effect, there is no such sales tax currently in place, which has allowed homeowners to continue building equity in their investments.


The team members of Mary Beth Lake & Associates have been very involved in the Atlanta Board of Realtors and RPAC, with Mary Beth serving as the 2018 Governmental Affairs Chair for the ARA, and Sarah Alter and Jeff Yeomans serving on the committee as active members. Our team finds it to be a moral obligation to do what is right for our fellow Realtors, clients, and property owners throughout our community. RPAC is the only organization that serves all municipalities, from the local, state, and national level to be a voice of property owners.



The money to accomplish these goals comes from voluntary contributions made by Realtors. While much of the funding comes from word of mouth from our Atlanta Realtor community, RPAC coordinates investor Luncheons and a yearly Chili Cook-Off as great fundraising events! This year with over 25 teams enrolled in the competition from our Atlanta Real Estate community, RPAC raised over $25,000. The great chili was certainly a bonus as well.