What is The ATL?

What is The ATL?  There’s been a lot of mention lately about The ATL transforming the way Atlanta views transit.

It began back in 2005 when the transit planning board was created, which begin to stir the idea of better public transportation for our city. After 12 years of trying to improve Marta and transit in various ways, the Georgia House created a Commission on Transit Governance and Funding in 2017, which recommended a new regional framework for transportation in our city.

Finally, HB930 was signed into law on May 3rd of 2018, which intends to improve coordination, integration, and efficiency of transit in Metro Atlanta.  Thus, The ATL, Atlanta Region Transit Link Authority, was officially born. Essentially, it is a unifying entity that ensures coordinated transit planning, funding, and increased transparency.

There are three main reasons why this organization was created.

  1. To support and increase economic development

  2. Focus on transit needs for the growing metro Atlanta population

  3. Have a positive impact on regional mobility

In a survey done in 2017, 95% of Atlanta residents stated that transit is either very important or important, and the majority of voters also said the best long term fix is to expand public transit as a whole.

The changes we will see as consumers are the initial rebranding to The ATL from Marta. All new assets over $250,000 purchased by Marta will have the new logo, and by 2023, all Marta property will display The ATL logo.

Another huge component of The ATL is the combination of transportation from 13 counties and 10 individual public transit systems in Metro Atlanta to all be a part of this organization. This means one unified company for all Atlanta/ Metro Atlanta transportation, including trains, busses, and additional transit developing from things such as the BeltLine expansion.

This is a huge step for Atlanta. In addition to seeing a fresh new appearance, riders can also look forward to a much better experience while commuting. More frequent trains, better aesthetics, and more measures for safety. This transition will absolutely have a positive impact on the Atlanta real estate market, as it makes our city much more cohesive and easier to move between all the great neighborhoods we have to offer. Walkability and easier commutes are on the rise!

As a team, Lake & Associates values this type of transit development. Being a large part of the Governmental Affairs committee, we find it important to assist in the collaboration between commercial and residential real estate to better serve our clients and make a better living experience in our community.